High Royds Residents’ Association was formed several years ago by a group of residents concerned to keep their neighbours on the estate up-to-date with work going on, with new developments, and with changes happening around everyone’s homes.

As such, the Association liaises with the developers and the managing agents of the estate – and tries to answer questions from residents as to what is happening, when, why and how.

See our NEWS page for latest updates – and our Q&A page for some frequently asked questions – and the answers the Association has been given on your behalf.

Please note that this is a new website designed to inform people who live on the estate – or who own property here – and keep everyone up-to-date with news, happenings and events around High Royds. This website has replaced an older version, which has been archived – although some key information has been transferred here. Other documents, if required, are stored on file for future reference.

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